SAKURA craft_lab brand book


SAKURA Brand Book editorial design by Naomi Sundberg with CIA.Inc

SAKURA CRAYPAS, a Japanese brand that is known for their children stationary, has shifted their target to a more mature audience.
In 2016, SAKURA joined forces with the branding agency CIA.Inc to produce SAKURA craft_lab, a group of creatives that would develop a new collection of tasteful modern stationary.  While many products on the market advertise their functionality, CIA.Inc developed SAKURA craft_lab to offer an experience of emotional value through the concept of a 'new nostalgia.'
craft_lab models 001 and 002, launched in October 2017,  are inspired by vintage spectacle designs, combined with contemporary Japanese craftsmanship. 

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―筆記具開発ラボ「SAURA craft_lab」― かいていてワクワクする、もっていてドキドキする、子どもの 頃の無邪気な気持ちを思い起こさせ、いつまでもペンを走らせていたくなる、そんな大人の筆記具を生み出したいと考え生まれた「SAURA craft_lab」。「SAURA craft_lab」第一弾の商品「002」の紹介動画です。

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